Matte Black Faucets

The finish that is on top of nearly everyone’s mind, from designers to homeowners alike: Matte Black.

While there are many things to think about in choosing a bathroom or kitchen faucet, one of the main considerations will always be aesthetics. After years of chrome being the coolest thing, matte black faucets are now all the rage, and deservedly so.

Matte black adds a hint of understated sophistication and depth to any remodel style from modern to farmhouse. Found in both the kitchen and bath, the popularity of this finish has grown to include shower fixtures, faucets, hardware, and lights, to achieve the unique clean look you are going for.

The quiet, earthy tones of matte black faucets and fixtures create a more natural look. Where stainless steel can often feel cooler and brighter, matte black’s lack of glossiness and more neutral tones create a softer aesthetic, giving you the freedom to mix and match colors and patterns without worrying about your faucet clashing with the design.

At the end of the day, whatever finish you choose should focus on what will make you happy . When thinking about your options, consider designs and products that not only work  well together but also say something about you. After all, the goal is to minimize clutter, not minimize your personality.