Scandinavian Style Kitchens

Scandinavian-style kitchens are all about a seamless blend of form and functionality wrapped in an inviting ambiance. Cutting across budget constraints and themes, Scandinavian design fits in with almost any style that you already have going in your home.

Think of Scandinavian style and the first thing that comes to mind is the color white. as it maximizes the available natural light while keeping the visual fragmentation to a minimum. But having a white kitchen does not make it automatically ‘Scandinavian.’ For a true Scandinavian kitchen design, you need additional elements such as soft wooden tones, lovely lighting that drives away any dark corners and a hint of color to achieve the transformation. Clean straight lines, a clutter-free environment and smart organizational solutions help in achieving that fabled Scandinavian look.

If you have a small kitchen (which is the case with most of us) and need to make complete use of every inch on offer, then your search ends with Scandinavian style. Unlike many other styles, the Scandinavian look works elegantly both in the case of ultra-small utility kitchens, as well as in lavish catalog creations! Since minimalism, frugality and organization are an inherent part of the style, you will never have a problem while working with it. Modular wall-mounted cabinets, sleek floating shelves and ergonomic worktops that put efficiency over form make up the core of Nordic-inspired kitchens.

While some homeowners love to combine a rustic look with Scandinavian style, others prefer a more contemporary approach to kitchen design. No matter what your idea of a lovely Scandinavian-inspired kitchen is, make sure that you get the lighting of the space spot on. It is lighting that makes or breaks the look of the Scandinavian kitchen. Large windows are a trademark feature of this style, and a flood of natural light is always welcome here! Couple this with smart pendants (cool metallic designs are currently the trendy option) and warm ambient lighting, and you have the ideal setting.