Brizo's Frank Llyod Wright Collection

Frank Lloyd Wright saw the world differently and inspired everyone to do the same. Brizo is paying homage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s visionary sprit with the Frank Lloyd Wright® Bath Collection. The collection dares tochallenge and upend tradition—and in doing so, honors Wright’s legacy.

Falling Water built in 1935

Wright believed indesigning in harmony with humanity and the environment, a philosophy he calledorganic architecture.

Simplicity, individuality, belonging, palette, substance and integrity are the six principles of organic architecture.

In the spirit of challenging convention, the distinctive water flow streams from the side of the spout, channeling the staggering beauty of a mountain waterfall.

The collection draws its palette and materials from the natural world, as evidenced by the distinctive texture and color of each individual piece of wood.

The horizontal planes of the cantilevered spout echo Wright’s awe-inspiring structures, harnessing the laws of physics, yet seeming to defy gravity.

The rain can showerhead showcases the distinctive rush of the Canopy Spray, which activates a built-in light by hydrogenator for a dramatic effect.